Carol Astbury

Carol Astbury


Carol Astbury, Author

Carol Astbury was born in England and settled in Western Australia in February 1974. 

Carol was one of the first marriage celebrants appointed in Australia. Through her work she learned to develop the art of storytelling and used these skills to craft deeply rewarding, personalised marriage and funeral ceremonies for her clients.  

She is a member of Katherine Susannah Prichard Writing Centre and  has been a participant in ‘Write-a-book-in-a-day’ 2008 – 2023 and a regular contributor to KSP Anthologies 2009– 2022.

Carol is passionate about her first novel: ‘Remembrance of Love and War’. The story reflects the life of her grandfather and covers the turbulent years of the First World War. A story of love, sacrifice and triumph, it encompasses the societal upheaval and endurance of families as well as the brutal realities of war.


This book can also be purchased as an ebook

Grace, a nurse in France during World War One, finds herself in a forbidden situation.

Tom, an officer in the Hussars, fights valiantly but is captured in the early months of the war.

Grace leaves France in 1918 to work in a repatriation hospital and tends to a patient with severe physical and mental trauma, with no memory of what has happened to him. When Grace’s brother visits the hospital, he recognises the patient as his childhood friend, Tom.

Based on a true story, Remembrance of Love and War is a commanding historical novel that takes readers on an unforgettable journey of love, sacrifice and ultimate triumph. The story encompasses the societal upheaval and endurance of families and the brutal realities of war.




Book Launch ~ Author Talks all finished and thoroughly enjoyable. Now we start again.

Watch this space ….

Darlington Arts Festival (Indie Writers) 6th November 2022.

Open Art Studio Toodyay (fabulous Despina Weston’s studio) October 2022.

Guildford Library, Thursday 25th August 2022.

Midland Junction Arts Centre 11th February 2022.

These were fabulous events, thank you all for coming. Thank you to the organisers and friends who helped promote the events. I’m Looking forward to more Author Talks in 2023.

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